Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Summer Violin Classes in Lagos, Nigeria - Lee Ellie Music School.

Are you a busy adult looking for an opportunity to explore your talent in musical instrument playing?

At Lee Ellie Music School there is a personalized and customized class for each  student that matches the individual's dreams and goals. No doubts, Lee Ellie Music School is the best music school in Nigeria.

Call us today for your personal adventure into the joyful world of music: +2348132918691.
+447435240062 (WhatsApp)

Friday, 14 July 2017

Meet the Best Music Teacher in Lagos Nigeria - Lee Ellie Music School

Lee Ellie Music School gives quality music education at all levels. Do you want your choir to learn to read music and sight-sing? Contact us today on +2348132918691. See more videos on this channel and on our blog: www.leevocalstudios.blogspot.com. You are welcome to SUBSCRIBE and SHARE.

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Achieve Your Musical Dreams with Lee Ellie Music School, Lagos - Nigeria

Lee Ellie Music School leads the industry in music instruction and customer service. Our professionally trained and experienced staff of music teachers have helped students of various skill levels and ages achieve their musical dreams.

To find out more about us, call +2348132918691 or log on to www.leevocalstudios.blogspot.com.

Artiste Grooming Session At Lee Ellie Music School, Lagos - Nigeria

Lee Ellie Music School offers private music lessons to top-notch clients. We also offer fun, motivating and personalized music lessons to VIPs, CEOs, celebrities, busy executives in the comfort of their homes. For more information on how to book your classes, log on to www.leevocalstudios.blogspot.com. you can also reach us directly on +2348132918691 or whatsApp +447435240062.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Summer Holiday Music Programs for Children in Lagos-Nigeria

The holidays have begun and the time is right to embark on a musical adventure! Which would you like your kids to learn? Strings, keys, valves or membranes? We've got well trained teachers who are more than willing to support them. Holla at us now and let's get rolling!

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Our Recorder Lessons for Kids in Lagos, Nigeria are Fun

Hello friends of Lee Music School. It's summer time and our holiday music program for children in Lagos has started. What are you waiting for? Get your instruments ready and holla at us on +2348132918691 to book your classes on singing, piano, guitar, violin, trumpet, recorder etc.

We are excited to hear from you soon. Enjoy the rest of the week!

Monday, 26 June 2017

Private Violin Lessons for Children in Lekki, VGC, Ikoyi and VI Lagos-Nigeria

Are you tired of investing so much in getting your children to play musical instruments and not succeeding for whatever reason. Worry not, at Lee Music School, we know how to get your kids moving their fingers on strings and keys. At the end of 4 classes, you will witness a remarkable difference. And in case you didn't know, Lee Music School is the best in Nigeria and we help both adults and kids find their unique niches within the captivating world of music.

To book your classes, contact us on +2348132918691. Watch videos of our superkids playing on www.facebook/lauraetemah. com