Saturday, 3 June 2017

The Best Private Music Tuition in Lagos, Nigeria.

Are you interested in booking for a music classes with Lee Ellie Music School? Call us us on +2348132918691. We are excited to help me you achieve your musical goals. Also see www.leevocalstudios.Blogspot.com or WhatsApp +4474352490062.

Monday, 24 April 2017

Is It Too Late For Adults To Learn To Play The Violin??? A Must Watch!!!

Deciding to learn a new instrument as an adult can be an adventurous experience. It is common belief that people lose interest in learning something new as they grow older. But with music, it is a more exciting ball game altogether. 

At Lee Music School, we help adults to delve into a new passion through the path of music. We are well known for making the magic happen. So, it is never too late to dust off that violin and visit us today for a rewarding private violin class. 

Call us today on +2348132918691, WhatsApp +447435240062 or check us out on www.leevocalstudios.blogspot.com to book a 30 minute FREE trial class.

Private Guitar Lessons for Children in Lagos: How Much Benefit Does Music Hold for Your Kids?

Learning music gives you the opportunity to explore and discover a new talent and passion. Music is always around us and the skills you will develop in a private music class for useful for life! Amongst the benefits that music offers are:

  • Self-esteem boost
  • Improved academic skills
  • Refined organizational and time management skills
  • Improved focus and discipline
  • Strengthened respiratory system
  • Sharpened concentration and much more! 
Don't hesitate to enroll your child for private music lessons if he/ she needs to improve in mathematics, reading and comprehension. Learning music also helps to relieve stress and correct anti-socialism in children. More so, learning to play an instrument will inspire creativity, promote cultural integration and create in you a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment which in turn results in a fulfilled life.

At Lee Ellie Music School, we have competent teachers who will ensure you play at least 10 songs on your choice instrument by your 4th class. We work with students from age four and at all level of musical development - beginners, intermediate and advanced.

  • Register for a term (four months) today and get a 20% discount.
  • Call us today on +2348132918691 or WhatsApp +447435240062 to book for a FREE 30 minute trial class.
  • Refer a friend and get 5 tracks of FREE VOICE TRAINING audio files.
To visit us for a chat at 11, Agard Street, Sabo - Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria, give us a call or email etemahlaura@yahoo.com to book an appointment.

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Catch Them Young - Piano Lessons for Children in Lagos

For more information on Music lessons for children in Lagos, call +2348132918691 or log on to www.leevocalstudios.blogspot.com

We are looking forward to sharing the joy of music with you and your family!

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Laura Etemah - Facilitating at the Explode Event

Facilitating at the explode event about 5 years ago was a great experience for me. I was to take along Millicent who was one of the Big Brother Africa's contestant for that year. I was glad she showed up to speak with the youths. It was great listening to Linda Ikeji speak about her blog multi-million naira blog. In fact, Linda's speech gave birth to my blog! 

I just bumped unto the Explode page and saw my profile.:log on here to see it. It's been quite a journey and I want to thank all who have supported my dreams one way or the other. I have always wanted to help people discover their true singing voices and I appreciate the Peculiar Media Limited for giving me the opportunity to be an inspiration to the youths I spoke to. Surprisingly, till today, they still contact me!

Lee Music School - Essential Vocal Warm-up Exercises for the Choir

Regular vocal warm-up exercises help to loosen the voice and promote flexibility and a good tone. It is good practice to start choir practice with  some tension-releasing exercises as we have  in the video. Call us to groom your choir and chorus singers: 

Phone: +2348132918691 

WhatsApp: +447435240062